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Ludwigsburg: Superior victory for Borghese MT

Second advanced level start, second victory for Borghese MT.

Dr. Dietrich Plewa gave the following reasons for the individual scores for this advanced (S) level dressage horse on curb at the show in Ludwigsburg. For example, the "extraordinarily swinging trot with remarkable hind leg activity and generous reinforcement" was awarded an 8.5, the "absolutely regulated, diligent walk with schooling stretch" an 8.9 and the "canter highlight with a good load in collection and very wide underjump of the inner hind leg" a 9.0. The judges also praised the presentation in the "desired lateral view with great contact and good mouth action" as well as the perspective (8.5). Together with the technical score, this resulted in a winning score of 78.731. Borghese MT was presented by his trainer, master rider Dorothee Schneider.