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Warendorf: Zac Efron MT admitted to 2nd sighting

Zac Efron MT OLD convinced at the first selection for the World Championships for seven-year-old dressage horses in Warendorf.

"An impressive horse that trots very energetically and shows a clear willingness to collect", Dr. Dietrich Plewa introduced his enthusiastic comment on behalf of the judges. "Remarkable the very well worked out transitions" in the trotting reins. "The walk very secure in the beat and also sublime enough in the collection." Another highlight was the canter: "Super uphill, with good to very good underjump throughout. Very rhythmic and with very generous ground cover." He was also able to score points in the canter lessons themselves: "Both pirouettes were excellent and already very well-balanced." All in all, Zac Efron MT OLD, the Oldenburg Saddle Champion, State Champion and already winner in higher classes, always showed himself in the desired contact and with a high degree of willingness to collect.

This means that Zac Efron MT OLD under his rider Daniel Bachmann Andersen/DEN is again eligible for the second and final dressage horse World Championships in August in Warendorf