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Achleiten/AUT: Elegant Fürst Schwarzenberg MT

"A wonderfully elegant horse", 5* judge Thomas Lang introduced his winning comment on Fürst Schwarzenberg MT in the Achleiten classification of seven-year-olds.

The highlight was the trot, which "is actively developed from the hindquarters, has a lot of elasticity and shows a lot of willingness to collect for further work" - 8.5. The "active follow through" in the canter (8.0) and the perspective of the picture-perfect Fürstenball son, whose pedigree shows valuable jumping blood components, were also highlighted by the jury (8.0). Fürst Schwarzenberg MT under Yvonne Kläne also received over 70 percent for the technical correctness of the executed lesson.

Fürst Schwarzenberg MT with Yvonne Kläne. Photo: CDI Achleiten