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Charity Auction: 35,500 Euros for Welthungerhilfe and Ukraine

It was at the end of April at the international dressage tournament Horses & Dreams in Hagen that a special horse made of synthetic material was auctioned off for a charity campaign. On Sunday, the horse, dressed in the Ukrainian national colours and with a peace dove on its neck, moved from Hof Kasselmann to Schloss Achleiten.

The four-legged peace ambassador was worth 30,500 euros to Sissy Max-Theurer and her daughter Victoria. Tournament organiser Ullrich Kasselmann added another 5,000 euros, so that Welthungerhilfe and the aid projects for Ukraine now benefit from 35,500 euros.

At Welthungerhilfe, donations are invested in various humanitarian projects. One of these is "Skill Up!", which the Secretary General and Chairman of the Executive Board of Welthungerhilfe, Mathias Mogge, presented at the charity campaign. Young people and especially women in countries with high youth unemployment - especially in Asia and Africa - are supported in learning a state-recognised profession in their home country after finishing school. Mogge said that so far 20,000 people have gone through this project. 80 per cent of them later found employment in their learned profession.

More information on the "Skill Up!" project can be found here:

Vici Max-Theurer, Ullrich Kasselmann and Sissy Max-Theurer. Photos: Achleiten