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Münster-Handorf: Zulu GV

Double success for Zulu GV: in addition to his good performance in the short test at Münster-Handorf, the son of Zarathustra MT also received a positive inspection result.

Zulu GV was described by the panel of judges as a beautifully compact and very motivated horse. "He wants to do something," Sebastian Heinze summed it up accordingly in his comment. The judges also emphasized the good mechanics in the trot (8.0), the canter (7.8), which was jumped safely on both hands in a three-beat rhythm and with a nice uphill tendency, the good rideability (8.2) and the positive ambition in the willingness to perform (8.4), which is certainly very helpful in training, as Sebastian Heinze prognosticated. helpful in training, as Sebastian Heinze predicted.

Overall, this resulted in a 7.9 for Zulu MT under his trainer Laura Strobel in the classification of four-year-old stallions.

Photo: Wegener