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Kronberg: That was a debut made to measure

Borghese MT competed for the first time at the CDI at the Schafhof Stud in Kronberg. And won absolutely convincingly the elementary (L) level dressage competition for five-year-old horses, which was also a qualification for the National Championships.

On behalf of the judges, Dr. Dietrich Plewa praised Borghese MT's tremendous basic impulsion and the very nice uphill tendency that he inherently brings to the trot and canter.
For the canter he received a 9.0: "The canter was a highlight: consistently in excellent uphill with good underjump with very active hind leg. Impressive the groundcovering extensions, without becoming more hasty, generous in the ground cover and always rhythmic. Already well recognizable readiness for collection."

For the trot there was an 8.5: "The trot very energetic and equipped with a lot of cadence, quite significant extensions, very expressive with a lot of shoulder and remarkable thrust." Throughness and overall impression were also rated 8.5 each.

With a total of 8.4, Borghese MT wins the competition under Dorothee Schneider, who again led very, very great, absolutely real training work - and was able to make Borghese shine beautifully. We are already looking forward to the next performances of this pair!!!

Photo: Lafrentz
Photo: Lafrentz
Photo: Lafrentz