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Achleiten: Helmut Fassl gestorben
Monday 19. April 2021

Heute früh erreichte uns die traurige Nachricht, dass unser Freund Helmut nach kurzer schwerer Krankheit friedlich für immer eingeschlafen ist.[more]

Klein Roscharden: Platz zwei beim Turnierdebüt von Captain Müller MT
Friday 16. April 2021

Captain Müller MT hat sich super weiterentwickelt ...[more]

Friday 02. April 2021

We wish all our friends and customers a happy Easter!

Tuesday 22. December 2020

We look back on an eventful year and wish all our friends and customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, but above all good health.

Kronberg: Sisters Act OLD wins Burg-Pokal-trophy's warm-up test
Saturday 19. December 2020

Sisters Act OLD and Villeneuve started the Burg-Pokal-trophy weekend in Kronberg with a fantastic result.[more]

Kronberg: Villeneuve second behind Sisters Act OLD
Saturday 19. December 2020

In the top-class final for the Nuremberg Burg Cup, Sisters Act OLD and Villeneuve fought it out between themselves. [more]

Cappeln: Imperial MT
Friday 11. December 2020

He is something special - and now he also has a special name: Imperial MT. [more]

Newcomer by Ibiza
Friday 27. November 2020

We are thrilled by our second reserve winner of the Westphalian licensing.[more]

Vechta: San Francisco OLD-son accepted for licensing
Tuesday 13. October 2020

The son of San Francisco OLD from our stud is accepted for the Oldenburg licensing in Vechta.[more]

Ankum: Bella Laguna OLD continues his winning streak
Friday 02. October 2020

Bella Laguna OLD and Melanie Tewes celebrated their fifth victory in a medium level (M**) dressage class.[more]

Warendorf: Eyleen admitted to the second WM sighting
Thursday 01. October 2020

Eyleen has been approved to the second and final inspection for the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses.[more]

Neustadt/D.: Captain Mueller MT reserve winner show-jumping
Thursday 01. October 2020

With a total score of 8.83, Captain Mueller MT was just beaten at his SPT in Neustadt/D.[more]

Muenster-Handorf: Successful sports test for Dovizioso
Wednesday 16. September 2020

Dovizioso has now completed his stallion performance test in Muenster-Handorf with a really good performance. [more]

Steyr/AUT: Second win for Flying Dancer OLD
Wednesday 09. September 2020

Second start, second win for Flying Dancer OLD and Stefan Lehfellner in the advanced level (S) class - and this time even a St. Georges test, which was on the schedule in Steyr(AUT).[more]

Ahaus: Win for Venezia GV
Monday 07. September 2020

Venezia GV is still on her road to success.[more]

Steyr/AUT: Qunterbunt wins
Monday 07. September 2020

Qunterbunt and Tamara Michei win the LP test in Steyr/AUT.[more]

Steyr/AUT: Impressive show of Maldonado GV
Monday 07. September 2020

Maldonado GV received individual scores of 8.0 and better in the novice level (A) dressage horse test in Steyr/AUT. [more]

Warendorf: Eyleen wins the bronze medal
Sunday 06. September 2020

While in 2019 it was Caracciola MT, who won bronze in the National Championship final of six-year-olds, Eyleen repeated this great success this year.[more]

Warendorf: Great start for Eyleen
Wednesday 02. September 2020

A perfect first result for Eyleen and Yvonne Kläne at the National Championships for six-year olds.[more]

Wels: S-win for Flying Dancer OLD
Monday 31. August 2020

We let Flying Dancer OLD mature at home in peace and quiet. And are totally thrilled how expressive and reliable he now presented himself in the big arena of Wels. [more]

Wels: Tilda MT wins superiorly
Monday 31. August 2020

9.0 for canter, 8,8 for trot and perspective...[more]

Achleiten/AUT: Fontana di Trevi MT wins
Tuesday 18. August 2020

Double victory for the youngest: Fontana di Trevi MT. [more]

Achleiten/AUT: Villeneuve with top performance
Tuesday 18. August 2020

Villeneuve achieved his third consecutive victory in Achleiten in a St. Georges [more]

Achleiten/AUT: Double win for Eyleen
Tuesday 18. August 2020

"Powerful, energetic trotting, good rhythm, excellent back and a super constant contact. The walk close to the ideal. And always uphill in canter",[more]

Today, 40 years ago - Olympic victory in Moscow
Saturday 01. August 2020

Exactly 40 years ago Sissy Max-Theurer won Olympic gold in Moscow.[more]

Achleiten/AUT: Duracao third
Sunday 26. July 2020

Under Wolfgang Hinsl Duracao finished third in the international test for seven-year-olds in Achleiten/AUT.[more]

Darmstadt: Double win for DSP Pathétique
Sunday 26. July 2020

Like Sisters Act OLD, DSP Pathétique also achieved a double win - clearly leadings the ranking. [more]

Achleiten/AUT: Caracciola MT second
Sunday 26. July 2020

Second place for Caracciola MT under Melanie Tewes in the international final test for seven-year-olds[more]

Darmstadt: Sisters Act OLD follows Villeneuve to Frankfurt
Sunday 26. July 2020

Already in the qualification "Sissy" simply showed an outstanding performance. [more]

Achleiten/AUT: 9.5 for Eyleen's walk
Sunday 26. July 2020

9.5 for walk, 8.5 for canter, thoroughness and perspective and 8.0 for trot.[more]

Darmstadt: Superior win for Sisters Act OLD
Saturday 25. July 2020

Pure harmony - with 76.366 percent Sisters Act OLD won the warm-up test of the Nuremberg Burg-Pokal Trophy final qualifier in Darmstadt.[more]

Darmstadt-Kranichstein: Fontana di Trevi MT qualified
Friday 24. July 2020

First show start - and straight away qualified for the National Championships.[more]

Wiethmarschen: Bella Laguna OLD wins again
Tuesday 14. July 2020

Fourth victory for Bella Laguna OLD - Bella Laguna OLD continues her winning streak in the medium level (M**) dressage competition in Wiethmarschen. [more]

Bettenrode: Villeneuve wins with more than 77 percent
Sunday 12. July 2020

With an outstanding result of 77.22 percent, Villeneuve and Dorothee Schneider also won the second St. Georges Special in Bettenrode. The pair is qualified for the Burg-Pokal Trophy final.[more]

Bettenrode: Superior win for Villeneuve
Saturday 11. July 2020

Villeneuve under Dorothee Schneider won the St. Georges Special at the Bettenrode Stud with a grandiose score of 76.512 percent.[more]

Hoeven: With a win qualified for Warendorf!
Wednesday 08. July 2020

With an 8.5 for walk and canter as well as a smooth 8.0 for trot, thoroughness and overall impression, Eyleen not only won the medium level (M) dressage horse test in Hoeven.[more]

Achleiten/AUT: Bella Laguno OLD two times second
Monday 06. July 2020

Two international starts - two good performances. [more]

Achleiten/AUT: Caracciola MT ahead of Duracao
Saturday 04. July 2020

Deserved double victory for Caracciola MT in the two FEI tests for seven-year-olds in Achleiten.[more]

Achleiten/AUT: Dovizioso satisfies
Saturday 04. July 2020

Right at his first international show Dovizioso MT presented his outstanding quality.[more]

Kronberg: New personal best for Villeneuve
Sunday 28. June 2020

New Ppersonal best for Villeneuve and Dorothee Schneider in the final qualifier for the Burg-Pokal Trophy in Kronberg.[more]

Kronberg: Villeneuve second
Saturday 27. June 2020

What a great performance by Villeneuve in the Burg-Pokal qualifiers at the Schafhof Stud in Kronberg. [more]

Muehlen: Tornado MT fourth
Tuesday 16. June 2020

Strong performance - Tornado MT jumped to fourth place at the Late Entry in Muehlen against strong field.[more]

Essen: Win number three for Bella Laguna OLD
Sunday 14. June 2020

Third victory in a medium level (M**) dressage class for Bella Laguna OLD and Melanie Tewes.[more]

Essen: Bella Laguna OLD second
Saturday 13. June 2020

Besides Caracciola MT, Bella Laguna OLD also secured herself a silver ribbon in Essen-Herbergen.[more]

Essen: Advanced level debut and second place
Friday 12. June 2020

Again our Caracciola MT scored with his super rideability and his outstanding movements. [more]

Kranichstein: Double win for "Sissy"
Monday 01. June 2020

Almost five percentage points ahead, Sisters Act OLD won both tests at the dressage show at Hofgut Kranichstein close to Darmstadt.[more]

Dressage Cappeln International will be postponed
Friday 10. April 2020

As a result of the corona pandemic, Dressage Cappeln International will be held at a later date.[more]

Happy Easter
Thursday 09. April 2020

The Vorwerk team wishes all breeders and friends a peaceful Easter. Stay healthy!

Happy Birthday Augustin OLD
Thursday 09. April 2020

Even if there is no time to celebrate at the moment, it is especially a time to reflect and be thankful.[more]

Vacancy: Groom wanted (m/f/d)
Tuesday 31. March 2020

For our renowned Vorwerk Stud in Cappeln (Lower Saxony) we are looking for a groom (m/f/d). [more]

Worker (m/f/d) wanted
Thursday 02. April 2020

Horses are your passion and the diverse work on a large farm is exactly your thing? You are familiar in dealing with machines? You are perhaps even an all-rounder? Then join our team![more]

Stadl-Paura/AUT: Premium Stallion Dr. Eisenhardt
Thursday 13. February 2020

The Dr. Eisenhardt from our stud became premium stallion at the AWÖ Stallion Days. [more]

Muenster: Again secodn rank for Sisters Act OLD
Saturday 11. January 2020

It was their very first performance in a St. Georges Special - and Sisters Act OLD appeared already very self-confident and secure.[more]

Muenster: Sisters Act OLD vom Rosencarre second
Friday 10. January 2020

Dorothee Schneider and Sisters Act OLD start the new year with a great placing.[more]

Merry Christmas!!!
Monday 23. December 2019

Vacancy: Groom wanted (m/w/d)
Thursday 05. December 2019

You are well versed in horse care, motivated, reliable and want to work in a pleasant atmosphere on a great stud?[more]

Leudelange/LUX: Lillianos fifth advanced level (S) dressage win
Tuesday 12. November 2019

Dorothee Schneider and our Lissaro offspring again won an advanced level (S) dressage test for young horses in Luxembourg.[more]

Stadl-Paura/AUT: Fackel GV wins
Tuesday 12. November 2019

Besides Notting Hill GV also Fackel GV was unbeatable in a dressage horse test in Stadl-Paura/AUT.[more]

Stadl-Paura/AUT: Notting Hill GV wins with top scores
Friday 08. November 2019

With an outstanding performance and top scores Notting Hill GV won the novice level (A) dressage test in Stadl-Paura/AUT.[more]

Ankum: Adele MT successful
Monday 28. October 2019

After Adele MT has already placed several times in medium level (M**) dressage competitions this season, in Ankum she started in the indoor season with a second place.[more]

Ankum: Bella Laguna OLD second
Monday 28. October 2019

Good start into the indoor season for Bella Laguna OLD at the dressage show in Ankum.[more]

Reutlingen: Villeneuve unbeatable in St. Georges
Monday 14. October 2019

76.404 percent- and still room for improvement! Also at the second show day in Reutlingen our Villeneuve presented an absolutely outstanding performance.[more]

Reutlingen: Victory for Lilliano OLD
Saturday 12. October 2019

Dorothee Schneider had injured herself because of a fall and had to pause. Now she is back !![more]

Reutlingen: Villeneuve second
Saturday 12. October 2019

Our horses Lilliano OLD and Villeneuve delivered an exciting "neck-and-neck race" in the advanced level (S) dressage competition for young horses in Reutlingen.[more]

Greetings from our „Oldies but Goldies“
Thursday 03. October 2019

... August der Starke OLD and Moliere.[more]

Warendorf: Caracciola MT wins the bronze medal
Sunday 08. September 2019

Melanie Tewes and Caracciola MT are happy about the bronze medal in the National Championships of six-year-old dressage horses.[more]

Warendorf: Incredible performance for Tornado MT
Saturday 07. September 2019

With a total score of 9.2 our Tornado MT easily won the 2nd qualification of five-year-old show-jumpers in Warendorf.[more]

Warendorf: Our top student Caracciola MT
Wednesday 04. September 2019

Caracciola MT and Melanie Tewes took second place in the warm-up test of six-year-olds in Warendorf.[more]

Achleiten/AUT: Equestrian family mourns for Hans Max-Theurer
Monday 12. August 2019

The Austrian equestrian family is shocked and mourns for one of the masters of their guild. Riding Champion Hans Max-Theurer died unexpectedly just before his 77th birthday last Sunday.[more]

Ermelo/NED: DSP Pathétique wins Special
Tuesday 06. August 2019

In her fifth international Grand Prix Special DSP Pathétique secured her second victory.[more]

Ermelo/NED: Sieters Act OLD fifth in the final
Tuesday 06. August 2019

Sisters Act and Dorothee Schneider took fifth place in the World Championship final of seven-year-old dressage horses.[more]

Ermelo/NED: Zac Efron MT OLD fourth in the finals
Tuesday 06. August 2019

Zac Efron MT placed fourth in the World Championship final of four-year-olds.[more]

Ermelo/NED: Sisters Act OLD in the final
Friday 02. August 2019

For the third time Sisters Act OLD is in the final of the Dressage Horses World Championships.[more]

"Weihe's" top performance
Sunday 28. July 2019

"Weihe did a very good job," said Isabell Werth happily after her victory in the Grand Prix Special at Dressur Cappeln International about the performance of her Olympic Champion and three-time World Cup winner Weihegold OLD.[more]

Premiere at Dressage Cappeln International successful
Friday 26. July 2019

Right from her first start after her "pregnancy break" Weihegold OLD shows up with an 80 percent victory. [more]

Horse cooling à la Cappeln
Thursday 25. July 2019

Due to Sahara heat the team of Dressage Cappeln International came up with something - a horse cooling à la Cappeln. [more]

Cappeln: Exclusive starter field
Wednesday 24. July 2019

Isabell Werth does not treat herself to a break.[more]

Werlte: The first place for Emirates GV
Saturday 13. July 2019

Great start of the show in Werlte for the team from the Vorwerk Stud.[more]

Werlte: Amourette MT second
Saturday 13. July 2019

Amourette MT received individual scores up to 9.0 in the riding horse test from Werlte. [more]

Warendorf: Third WC-participation Siters Act OLD
Wednesday 03. July 2019

Sisters Act OLD and Dorothee Schneider will compete in the World Championships of 7-year-old dressage horses, which will take place from 1st to 4th August in Ermelo, Netherlands.[more]

Warendorf: Caracciola MT selected for WC
Wednesday 03. July 2019

Caracciola MT will be part of the German squad for the World Championship of six-year-old dressage horses in early August in Ermelo/NED.[more]

Fritzens/AUT: DSP Pathétique fourth
Sunday 30. June 2019

DSP Pathétique finished fourth in the top-class competition, the Grand Prix Special, in Fritzens/AUT.[more]

Himberg: Diamond of Eternity GV nominated for WC
Sunday 30. June 2019

Diamond of Eternity GV was nominated for the World Championships of five-year-old dressage horses in Ermelo/NED at the beginning of August. [more]

Himberg: Duracao in WC-lot
Sunday 30. June 2019

Duracao and Wolfgang Himsl will represent the colors of Austria at the World Championships of six-year-old dressage horses in Ermelo, Netherlands.[more]

Cloppenburg: Tornado MT wins with 9.0
Wednesday 19. June 2019

Tornado MT jumped in his own league at the Cloppenburger Reitertagen. [more]

Warendorf: Caracciola MT impresses
Wednesday 19. June 2019

Even the rain could not stop Caracciola MT at the first inspection for the World Championships of six-year-old horses. [more]

Warendorf: Sisters Act OLD admitted to the second inspection
Wednesday 19. June 2019

With a very well carried out test, Sisters Act OLD recommended herself at the Warendorfer inspection for the World Championships of seven-year-old dressage horses.[more]

Balve: Our congratulations Dorothee Schneider ...
Monday 17. June 2019

... to German Championship-Gold and the honoration with the title "Riding Master".[more]

Achleiten: "A horse with all possibilities"
Sunday 16. June 2019

Double victory for Diamond of Eternity scoring 86.00 and 85.00 percent at the CDI Achleiten/AUT.[more]

Achleiten: Duracao shows a bunch of highlights
Sunday 16. June 2019

Duracao took twice the second place under Wolfgang Himsl in the international test for six-year-old dressage horses in Achleiten - and received both in the opening test, as well as in the final test overall ratings of 84.40 and 82.20 percent.[more]

Wiesbaden: Pathétique second in Special
Tuesday 11. June 2019

In the Special Pathétique felt a little more comfortable in the arena in front of the Wiesbadener Castle, even though she still was afraid of some corners.[more]

Wiesbaden: „A top horse on the right track!“
Tuesday 11. June 2019

With 82.35 percent and thus clear ahead of the runner-up, Sisters Act OLD won the final test of the seven-year-old dressage horses at the Pentecost-Show in Wiesbaden.[more]

Wiesbaden: Sisters Act OLD the best
Monday 10. June 2019

The winning streak of Sisters Act vom Rosencarree OLD in the advanced level (S) class continues.[more]

Wiesbaden: Pathétique third in Grand Prix
Monday 10. June 2019

We are very, very satisfied with our Pathétique !!![more]

Achleiten/AUT: The story about the gift
Friday 07. June 2019

In the context of the EC-Gold 40th anniversary, the question of the mentioned "gift" came up - so here is the whole story about Mon Cherie ...[more]

Buelkau: Eyleen MT qualified
Tuesday 04. June 2019

Our Escolar-daughter Eyleen MT qualified for the National Championships in Warendorf.[more]

Aarhus/DEN: Today 40 years ago, Sissy Max-Theurer and her gift, white horse Mon Cherie, wrote dressage history
Tuesday 04. June 2019

Today, exactly 40 years ago, 4th of June 1979, Sissy Max-Theurer managed to achieve her personal best:[more]

Ladenburg: Dorothee Schneider victorious with Lilliano OLD
Monday 27. May 2019

Last week, our Villeneuve won his first advanced level (S) dressage test. Now our Lilliano OLD follows him straight away and finishes his first advanced level (S) dressage test victoriously under his rider Dorothee Schneider in Ladenburg.[more]

Ladenburg: Flying Dancer OLD second
Monday 27. May 2019

Flying Dancer OLD showed what he is able to and finished second behind Lilliano OLD scoring 71.30 percent in his second advanced level (S) dressage.[more]

Garrel: Zeffirelli MT impressed again
Saturday 25. May 2019

Second start - second victory for Zeffirelli MT and Yvonne Klaene in the dressage horse test in Garrel.[more]

Garrel: Fuerst Schwarzenberg MT receives top marks and wins
Saturday 25. May 2019

Our four-year-old Fuerstenball-son won his first riding horse test under Yvonne Klaene.[more]

Ladenburg: Dimitroff MT top
Saturday 25. May 2019

Hannah Milena Rother and Dimitroff MT are the winners of the medium level (M) dressage test in Ladenburg.[more]

Cappeln: Announcement Dressage Cappeln International 2019 online
Tuesday 28. May 2019

From the 26th to the 28th of July 2019 the sixth edition of Dressage Cappeln International will be on schedule.[more]

Niki Lauda died
Tuesday 21. May 2019

With great dismay and grief we have heard today the news about the death of Austria's Formula 1 legend Niki Lauda.[more]

Ludwigsburg: Villeneuve outstanding
Sunday 19. May 2019

Villeneuve wins his first advanced level (S*) dressage test with top marks.[more]

Ludwigsburg: Flying Dancer OLD debutes in advanced level class
Sunday 19. May 2019

With a great fifth place Flying Dancer OLD completed his first start in a advanced level (S) dressage test.[more]

Haftenkamp: Caracciola MT qualified
Saturday 18. May 2019

Melanie Tewes and Caracciola MT received their ticket for the National Championships.[more]

Steyr/AUT: Duracao succeeds
Monday 13. May 2019

At the national dressage show in Steyr/AUT Duracao won the LP test.[more]

Steyr/AUT: Zarathustra MT victorious
Sunday 12. May 2019

Zarathustra MT's excellent debut in the big arena.[more]

Steyr/AUT: Brunetti MT wins
Sunday 12. May 2019

Successful opening for Brunetti MT and Tamara Michei in the green season.[more]

Mannheim: Pathétique second in Special
Tuesday 07. May 2019

"Patty" makes her way to the top...[more]

Mannheim: Pathétique third in Grand Prix
Friday 03. May 2019

In Mannheim, our "Patty" impressively continues her series. She finished third in the Grand Prix under Dorothee Schneider.[more]

Wagenfeld: Zeffirelli MT victorious debut
Friday 03. May 2019

Our five-year-old Zeffirelli MT impressed at his first show in a novice level (A) dressage horse test in Wagenfeld.[more]

Neustadt/D.: Zac Efron SPT reserve winner
Tuesday 30. April 2019

Our Zac Efron demonstrated his exceptional talent again.[more]

Neustadt/D.: Fuerst Schwarzenberg fourth in SPT
Tuesday 30. April 2019

Our exceptional elegant Fuerst Schwarzenberg completed his HLP in Neustadt/D with equally high grades as the fourth best dressage stallion of the 26-participants test.[more]

Lemwerder: Tornado MT satisfies again
Friday 26. April 2019

Our Tornado MT competed in the very competitive show-jumping competition fr youngsters in Lemwerder - ...[more]

Doetlingen: Caracciola MT second
Saturday 20. April 2019

At the 1st Dressage Matinee Oldenburger Land our Caracciola MT starts her outdoor season.[more]

Cappeln: Easter Greetings
Thursday 18. April 2019

The Vorwerk Team wishes you a merry, peaceful and sunny Easter!

Munich: Dovizioso SPT-reserve-winner
Tuesday 16. April 2019

With flying colors, our Dovizioso completed his SPT in Munich-Riem.[more]

Ebreichsdorf/AUT: Second victory for Sisters Act OLD
Sunday 14. April 2019

Second start in the advanced level (S) class on the international stage - and the second victory for Sisters Act OLD vom Rosencarree at the dressage show in Magna Racino/AUT.[more]

Ebreichsdorf/AUT: Diamond of Eternity GV wins final
Sunday 14. April 2019

Our Diamond of Eternity GV excelled himself again in the finals for five-year-old horses at the CDI4* Racino Dressage Classics.[more]

Ebreichsdorf/AUT: Pathétique second in Grand Prix
Friday 12. April 2019

The perfect final of the first day at Racino Dressage Classics in Ebreichsdorf/AUT with our "Patty".[more]

Ebreichsdorf/AUT: Diamond of Eternity GV second
Friday 12. April 2019

Diamond of Eternity GV satisfied at the CDI4* in Magna Racino/AUT in the international elementary level (L) dressage test for five-year-olds.[more]

Ebreichsdorf/AUT: Duracao also victorious
Friday 12. April 2019

The second victory of the day at the CDI4* in Magna Racino/AUT went to our Duracao - in the medium level (M) ressage horse test for six-year-olds.[more]

Ebreichsdorf/AUT: Dimitroff MT third
Friday 12. April 2019

Dimitroff MT completed the good performances of our stallions in the medium level (M) dressage class at the international dressage competition in Ebreichsdorf/AUT.[more]

Ebreichsdorf/AUT: Sisters Act OLD wins advanced level (S) dressage horses test superiorly
Friday 12. April 2019

With top marks, Sisters Act OLD vom Rosencarree opened the CDI4* in Magna Racino/AUT.[more]

Klein Roscharden: Tornado MT third
Monday 08. April 2019

His second show and he placed in a very competitive medium level (M) show-jumping class: our Tornado MT.[more]

Oberursel: Dimitroff MT impressively wins
Sunday 31. March 2019

It was the first medium level dressage horse test for our Dimitroff MT, which he won with top marks.[more]

Hamburg: „Patty“ Horse of the Month
Monday 25. March 2019

In the current March issue of the magazine St.Georg, our Grand Prix whiz kid Pathétique has been awarded "Horse of the Month".

Munich-Riem: Zeffirelli MT second
Monday 25. March 2019

Not only Zac Efron MT OLD did a great job at his sports test in Munich-Riem. Also our Zack-son Zeffirelli MT knew how to please.[more]

Munich-Riem: Zac Efron MT OLD reserve winner
Monday 25. March 2019

Our Zack-son Zac Efron MT OLD satisfied in his sports test in Munich-Riem all along the line.[more]

Espelkamp-Vehlage: Tornado's victorious debut
Monday 25. March 2019

Only recently he had demonstrated his terrific talent at his sports exams - now his show debut is crowned with a victory.[more]

Ebreichsdorf: Duracao outstanding
Sunday 03. March 2019

Their second start resulted in a victory with top marks.[more]

Ebreichsdorf: Achievements for our youngsters
Sunday 03. March 2019

Our Diamond of Eternity appeared this weekend like a true diamond and won the dressage test for youngsters after presenting a convincing round and receiving great grades under our Tamara Michai in Magna Racino. [more]

Ankum: San Francisco OLD unbeatable
Saturday 23. February 2019

A double success for our stallions in Ankum: after Caracciola, also San Francisco OLD was unbeatable and gave his rider Yvone Klaene her first victory in an advanced level (S*) dressage test. [more]

Ankum: First start first victory
Saturday 23. February 2019

Victorious debut for our Caracciola MT in the medium level (M) class.[more]

Neumuenster: Birthday-Special-victory for Dorothee Schneider and Pathetiqué
Sunday 17. February 2019

Today Dorothee Schneider made herself the best birthday present with our Pathetiqué in the Grand Prix Special in Neumuenster.[more]

Neumuenster: Pathetiqué clearly wins Grand Prix
Saturday 16. February 2019

Three percentage points lay between our Quaterback-daughter Pathétique and the second-placed pair, in this Grand Prix of the best young horses.[more]

Cappeln: Every good things are three!
Wednesday 13. February 2019

Since we have made excellent experiences with jumping grey stallions from the licensing in Riem so far, we could not ignore this pretty boy.[more]

Cappeln: Machiavelli new at the Vorwerk Stud
Wednesday 13. February 2019

Also in Munich, we have discovered another talent. The black and awarded son of Millennium/San Amour, who already enriched as top foal the auction in Noerdlingen.[more]

Cappeln: Newcomer Boccaccio MT
Wednesday 13. February 2019

The stallions at the Southgerman Stallion Days inspired us.[more]

Muenster-Handorf: Tornado excels himself at sports test
Sunday 10. February 2019

Besides our dressage stallions, Tornado has also passed his sports test with top marks.[more]

Muenster-Handorf: Successful sports test for our stallions
Thursday 07. February 2019

Dovizioso, Fuerst Schwarzenberg and Zarahustra MT completed their sports test in Muenster-Handorf.[more]

Ebreichsdorf/AUT: A real Vorwerk-Festival
Saturday 02. February 2019

The Friday has ended, the Saturday begins. The novice level (A) dressage horse class became a real Vorwerk Festival.[more]

Ebreichsdorf/AUT: Valparaiso second
Saturday 02. February 2019

Another successful premiere for Victoria Max-Theurer and our eight-year-old World Cup finalist Valparaiso.[more]

Ebreichsdorf/AUT: Schloss Achleiten-rider successful
Saturday 02. February 2019

Also in the Intermediaire II the Schloss Achleiten riders were successful.[more]

Ebreichsdorf/AUT: Victory Brunetti MT
Friday 01. February 2019

The son of Bvlgari and Tamara Michai were just unbeatable in Ebreichsdorf.[more]

Ankum: Successful debut for Bella Laguna OLD
Thursday 31. January 2019

Our Bella Laguna OLD, who has not that much participated in shows so far, placed third in her first advanced level dressage test in Ankum.[more]

Ankum: Eyleen MT wins superiorly
Thursday 31. January 2019

Fantastic season opener for our Eyleen MT at the very competitive show on Ankum!![more]

Friday 21. December 2018

An exciting and successful year is coming to an end![more]

Frankfurt: Pathétique impresses
Friday 14. December 2018

In her second international Grand Prix, the mare dances to the seventh place among strong competitors at the Festhallen Show in Frankfurt, with more than 71 percent.[more]

Geneva/SUI: Blind Date clearly wins Special
Saturday 08. December 2018

With a very strong performance Blind Date and Victoria Max-Theurer took the victory in the Geneva/SUI Special.[more]

Geneva/SUI: Blind Date third
Friday 07. December 2018

With a great third place Blind Date and Victoria Max-Theurer started the show in Geneva/SUI.[more]

Muenster-H.: Welcome Borghese MT at the Vorwerk Stud!
Wednesday 28. November 2018

He inspired us from the very first step - and will now move to his new stable at out Stud in Cappeln as celebrated first reserve-winner of the Westphalian licensing.[more]

FN Breeding Value 2018: Three Vorwerk stallions among the top 1 percent
Tuesday 27. November 2018

The FN evaluated all their data and our boys are among the leaders.[more]

Ankum: Melanie Tewes and Albertina win in Ankum
Saturday 17. November 2018

The pair was just unbeatable in Ankum.[more]

Randbol/DEN: Pathétique outstanding at GPS debut
Sunday 11. November 2018

Our ten-year-old Pathétique won her first Grand Prix Special !![more]

Randbol/DEN: Successful international Grand Prix-debut
Saturday 10. November 2018

Pathétique and Dorothee Schneider made their international Grand Prix-debut in Randbol/DEN with great success.[more]

Ankum: Quadrifoglio MT third at show premiere
Thursday 08. November 2018

Our "home-grown" Quadrifoglio MT took a great third place at his first show in Ankum.[more]

Guxhagen-Doernhagen: Great debut in the topp class for Pathetique
Sunday 21. October 2018

In Guxhagen, the ten-year-old Quaterback-daughter managed to finish her first Grand Prix test with a total score of 70.66 percent.[more]

Guxhagen-Doernhagen: Pathétique wins
Saturday 20. October 2018

Dorothee Schneider and Patty win a three-star dressage competition.[more]

Cappeln: IDTC Meeting
Monday 15. October 2018

For the annual meeting of the IDTC (International Dressage Trainers Club) the organizers Linda Keenan and David Hunt invited everyone for October 9th and 10th to the stud Vorwerk of the Family Max-Theurer in Cappeln.[more]

Steyr/AUT: The bronze medal for Fackeltanz OLD
Tuesday 02. October 2018

Stefan Lehfellner and Fackeltanz OLD won the bronze medal in the Austrian State Championships. [more]

Budapest/HUN: Pathetique wins
Saturday 29. September 2018

"Patty's" victorious international debut in an Inter II in Budapest/HUN.[more]

Darmstadt: Victory for Villeneuve
Monday 24. September 2018

Our Vice World Champion Villeneuve was just unbeatable in a dressage horse test.[more]

Warendorf: Caracciolo MT placed in the final
Monday 03. September 2018

Our Caracciola MT placed in the National Championships' final of five-year-old dressage horses.[more]

Job offer
Wednesday 29. August 2018

For our renowned Stud Vorwerk in Cappeln (Lower Saxony) we are looking for an employee (m/f).[more]

Eichendorff turns father for the first time
Saturday 25. August 2018

Our Eichendorff is becoming trendy - late but still.[more]

Cappeln: Successful foal show
Thursday 23. August 2018

Our foals were outstanding at the foal show of the Westphalian Association at Stud Vorwerk.[more]

Donaueschingen: Pathétique wins
Friday 17. August 2018

Pathétique and Dorothee Schneider were unbeatable in the warm-up competition for the Louisdor Prize-qualification.[more]

Cappeln: Juliette Ramel wins the Special
Monday 13. August 2018

Patrik Kittel almost had his fourth victory at the Dressage Cappeln International. [more]

Cappeln: Bella Rose first choice for Isabell Werth
Sunday 12. August 2018

As if in disbelief Isabell Werth shook her head after the final salute – beyond happy about the performance of her Bella Rose in the freestyle at Dressage Cappeln International. [more]

Cappeln: Caracciola MT wins
Saturday 11. August 2018

With top ratings, Caracciola MT celebrates a victory in his first international competition.[more]

Cappeln: Isabell Werth wins
Saturday 11. August 2018

Victories for favorites at the Dressage Cappeln International: Isabell Werth and with Bella Rose won the Grand Prix Freestyle qualification with 79.50% and the Swede, Patrik Kittel, won the qualification for the Special on Done de la Roche CMF with 75.04 %.[more]

Fifth edition of Dressur Cappeln International with Isabell Werth
Thursday 09. August 2018

Numerous equestrian celebrities have announced their participation for the fifth edition of the Dressage Cappeln International. Starting at the CDI4* event, from August 10th to 12th on the grounds of the picturesque stud Vorwerk in Cappeln, Lower Saxony, is none other than Isabell Werth.[more]

Ermelo/NED: Villeneuve wins World Cup Silver, Sisters Act OLD and Flying Dancer OLD also successful
Monday 06. August 2018

With a grandiose result our horses return from the World Championships of Dressage Horses in the Dutch Ermelo.[more]

Ermelo/NED: Valparaiso opens the finals in seventh place
Sunday 05. August 2018

As the first pair Valparaiso and Wolfgang Himsl entered the final arena at the World Championships of seven-year-olds in Ermelo/NED - ...[more]

Ermelo/NED: Valparaiso completes our quartet!
Saturday 04. August 2018

Our Vaparaiso is the winner of the small final in the World Championships of seven-year-old dressage horses in Ermelo.[more]

Ermelo/NED: Villeneuve wins, Sister's Act OLD and Flying Dancer OLD also in the final
Saturday 04. August 2018

Excellent results: Villeneuve won the World Championship qualification for the finals of six-year-olds, Sister's Act and Flying Dancer OLD placed very well, too.[more]

Rudersdorf/AUT: Dimitroff MT presents winner
Tuesday 31. July 2018

An offspring of our Dimaggio-son Dimitroff MT was named the best colt of the foal show in Rudersdorf/AUT.[more]

Muenster-Handorf: Eyleen MT Vice-Champion
Monday 30. July 2018

Melanie Tewes and Eyleen MT win silver in the Westphalian Championships of four-year-old mares and geldings.[more]

Neu-Anspach: Pathétique still unbeaten
Monday 30. July 2018

Second start – second victory for Dorothee Schneider and Pathétique.[more]

Muenster-Handorf: Emilie Louise MT Reserve Champion
Friday 27. July 2018

Our Escolar-daughter was named Westphalian Reserve Champion.[more]

Neu-Anspach: Victory for Pathétique
Friday 27. July 2018

Dorothee Schneider and Pathétique victorious in an advanced level (S***) dressage test.[more]

Muenster-Handorf: Eyleen MT dominates her class
Wednesday 25. July 2018

The victory in the warm up test of the Westphalian Championships for the four-year-old mares and geldings went to Eyleen MT and Melanie Tewes.[more]

Rastede: Zac Efron MT Oldenburg State Champion
Sunday 22. July 2018

The second sash for our Champion Zac Efron MT.[more]

Rastede: Zac Efron MT wins
Thursday 19. July 2018

The victory in the qualifier of the three-year-old stallions Oldenburg State Championships went to our Zac Efron MT.[more]

Lienen: Bronze for Emilie Louise MT
Sunday 15. July 2018

Our Escolar-daughter won bronze at the German Elite Broodmare Championships.[more]

Wietmarschen: Second places for Adele and Diamond of Eternity GV
Saturday 14. July 2018

Our two horses secured themselves under Melanie Tewes second places in dressage horse tests.[more]

Wietmarschen: The win for Caracciola MT
Saturday 14. July 2018

Melanie Tewes and Caracciola MT won an elementary level (L) dressage test for youngsters.[more]

Lienen: Emilie Louise MT in finals
Friday 13. July 2018

Our Escolar-daughter is one of the best three mares in the German Elite Championships final in Lienen.[more]

Bedburg: Successful MPT for Maracana and Emilie Louise
Monday 09. July 2018

The two three-year-old mares passed their mare performance test with top marks.[more]

Gescher: Dovizioso MT wins again
Monday 09. July 2018

Our three-year-old Dovizioso MT celebrates the third victory in a row in a riding horse test.[more]

Ahlhorn: Duracao top
Monday 09. July 2018

Yvonne Henke and Duracao win the elementary level (L) dressage horses test in Ahlhorn.[more]

Warendorf: Flying Dancer OLD outstanding
Tuesday 03. July 2018

All good things come in threes! Flying Dancer OLD also received his World Championships nomination.[more]

Warendorf: Ticket for Sisters Act OLD vom Rosencarre
Tuesday 03. July 2018

The Sandro Hit-daughter was also nominated for the World Championships.[more]

Warendorf: Villeneuve approved
Tuesday 03. July 2018

Laura Strobel and Villeneuve will go to the World Championship of Young Dressage Horses.[more]

Fritzens/AUT: Fackeltanz OLD wins
Sunday 01. July 2018

Stefan Lehfellner/AUT and Fackeltanz OLD win their first international Grand Prix.[more]

Warendorf: Villeneuve completes the quartet
Thursday 21. June 2018

All our horses presented at the first World Cup inspection were nominated for the second inspection.[more]

Warendorf: Flying Dancer OLD and Sisters Act OLD vom Rosencarre nominated
Thursday 21. June 2018

Both horses presented by Dorothee Schneider were admitted to the second inspection for the WC of the Young Dressage Horses.[more]