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Stadl-Paura/AUT: Valparaiso siegt
Saturday 17. February 2018

Wolfgang Himsl/AUT und unser Vitalis-Sohn waren in Stadl-Paura siegreich.[more]

Münster-Handorf: Dimitroff überzeugt bei Sporttest
Thursday 15. February 2018

Unter dem Sattel von Laura Strobel legte unser Dimitroff eine sehr gute Sportprüfung ab.[more]

Ebreichsdorf/AUT: Roberto Carlos MT second
Sunday 11. February 2018

Our Rosandro-son and Stefan Lehfellner took second place in Ebreichsdorf/AUT.[more]

Ebreichsdorf/AUT: Third rank for Roi du Soleil MT
Sunday 11. February 2018

Lilli Ochsenhofer and Roi du Soleil MT were able to place well in an FEI junior competition.[more]

Ebreichsdorf/AUT: Fackeltanz OLD wins
Friday 09. February 2018

Stefan Lehfellner and Fackeltanz OLD did a great job in the Intermediaire II.[more]

Ebreichsdorf/AUT: Valparaiso third
Friday 09. February 2018

Wolfgang Himsl/AUT and our Vitalis-son were successful at the Magna Racino.[more]

Ankum: Benaglio in front
Friday 02. February 2018

Victoria Max-Theurer and Benaglio were the measure of things in the Intermediaire II in Ankum.[more]

Ankum: San Francisco OLD wins
Friday 02. February 2018

Yvonne Henke and San Francisco OLD won the medium level (M**) dressage test in Ankum.[more]

Ankum: Fourth rank for Albertina
Friday 02. February 2018

With a great performance, Albertina placed fourth in the medium level (M**) dressage class.[more]

Ankum: Balsamico second
Thursday 01. February 2018

Melanie Tewes and Balsamico placed second in a medium level (M) dressage horse test.[more]

Ankum: Duração outstanding
Thursday 01. February 2018

Yvonne Henke and our Dimaggio-son placed second in a dressage test for youngsters. [more]

Munich: Dancier-son licensed
Friday 26. January 2018

Our son of Dancier received his approval at the South German Stallion Days.[more]

Job vacancy
Friday 19. January 2018

We are looking for a groom. [more]

Ankum: Superior victory for San Francisco OLD
Friday 19. January 2018

Yvonne Henke and San Francisco OLD clearly won the medium level (M*) dressage test. [more]

Ankum: Albertina places very well
Friday 19. January 2018

Our Rosandro-daughter was able to place very well in the medium level (M*) dressage test.[more]

Cappeln: The foal season has started
Wednesday 10. January 2018

We are looking forward to the first foals of the year 2018 at Stud Vorwerk.[more]

Merry Christmas
Friday 22. December 2017

The team of Stud Vorwerk wishes all friends and customers a Merry Christmas.[more]

Portraits of our stallions
Saturday 09. December 2017

The artist Heike Landherr has portrayed three of our stallions.[more]

Muenster-Handorf: Dimitroff outstanding at VTV-Chapionships
Wednesday 22. November 2017

Under theLaura Strobel's saddle, Dimitroff shined at the VTV Championship in Muenster-Handorf.[more]

Marbach: Dancier-son approved
Wednesday 08. November 2017

Our youngster by Lancier was approved for the Southgerman Stallion Days in Munich-Riem.[more]

Job vacancy
Friday 03. November 2017

For our well-known Stud Vorwerk in Cappeln (Lower Saxony) we are looking for a new employee (m/f).[more]

Ebreichsdorf/AUT: A win for Fackeltanz OLD
Friday 03. November 2017

Stefan Lehfellner and Fackeltanz OLD could not be beaten in the Intermediate II.[more]

Ebreichsdorf/AUT: Roberto Carlos MT wins
Friday 03. November 2017

Stefan Lehfellner and Roberto Carlos MT win the Prix St. Georges at Magna Racino.[more]

Ebreichsdorf/AUT: Ehrenvoll was unbeatable
Friday 03. November 2017

Our former stallion, Ehrenvoll, wins two tests on the FEI Juniors Tour. [more]

Ebreichsdorf/AUT: Double win for Auheim's Roi du Coeur
Friday 03. November 2017

Stephanie Dearing/AUT her Roi du Soleil offspring were unbeatable in the five year old young horse dressage class.[more]

Ebreichsdorf/AUT: Sanza wins third
Friday 03. November 2017

Sakrileg's daughter wins a placing in young horse dressage test.[more]

Münster-Handorf: Stallion pre-selection list online
Friday 03. November 2017

The Westphalian Horse Studbook has caught its Stallion pre-selection troop for this year and our Ecclestone is part of the gang![more]

Münster-Handorf: Djakarta VMT Elite Premium Mare Candidate
Friday 03. November 2017

Our Damon Hill NRW daughter has been pre-selected by the Westphalian Studbook as an Elite Premium mare candidate.[more]

Münster-Handorf: Escolar's son pre-selected
Monday 16. October 2017

Our young Escolar stallion, Ecclestone (whose stable name is Bernie), was pre-selected for upcoming 2017 Westphalian Stallion licensing.[more]

Liederbach: Brunello di Montalcino wins
Monday 09. October 2017

The son of Belissimo M could not be beaten in the young horse M class dressage.[more]

Liederbach: Dimitroff MT first, Fackel GV second
Monday 09. October 2017

Our two horses took out first and second place in the dressage test in Liederbach.[more]

Neustadt/Dosse:Successful SPT for our stallions
Wednesday 27. September 2017

Besides Tornado four further stallions from Stud Vorwerk successfully completed their SPT. [more]

Neustadt/Dosse: Tornado Reservesieger
Wednesday 27. September 2017

Unser Prämienhengst von Tornesch konnte seine HLP als Reservesieger beenden.[more]

Himberg/AUT: Silver for Dubrovnik NRW
Sunday 24. September 2017

Dubrovnik NRW and Wolfgang Himsl won the silver medal in the small tour at the Austrian Championship in Himberg / AUT.[more]

Himberg: Bvlgari wins the title
Sunday 24. September 2017

Bvlgari and his rider Victoria Wurzinger did not give up the intermediate lead in the fight for the Austrian Junior Championship in Himberg.[more]

Himberg/AUT: Dubrovnik NRW second
Saturday 23. September 2017

Dubrovnik NRW ranked second in theSt. Georges test in Himberg/AUT.[more]

Himberg/AUT: Bvlgari on his way to the title
Saturday 23. September 2017

Bvlagri and Victoria Wurzliger won the juniors team competition in Himberg/AUT.[more]

Neu-Anspach: Victory for Lilliano OLD
Friday 15. September 2017

Dorothee Schneider and Lilliano OLD won a medium level (M) dressage test for youngsters. [more]

St. Margarethen-Stueckler/AUT: Victory in the team competition
Monday 11. September 2017

The team "Oberösterreich" won the AWÖ-Dressage Cup. [more]

Warendorf: Rank four for Villeneuve
Sunday 03. September 2017

Laura Strobel and Villeneuve took fourth rank in the National Championship of five-year-old dressage horses. [more]

Warendorf: Bronze for Brianna
Saturday 02. September 2017

Kira Wulferding and Brianna won bronze in the National Championships of six-year-old dressage horses.[more]

Warendorf: Villeneuve third
Thursday 31. August 2017

Our Villeneuve placed third in the final-qualification in the National Championships of five-year-old dressage horses.[more]

Warendorf: Convincing performance by Brianna
Wednesday 30. August 2017

The daughter of Bvlgari directly enters the National Championship-final of the six-year-old dressage horses.[more]

Cappeln: Assistant (m/w) wanted
Sunday 27. August 2017

For the expansion of our team at Stud Vorwerk in Cappeln/GER, we are looking for an immediate assistant.[more]

Gothenburg/SWE: Blind Date unfortunately not in shape
Wednesday 23. August 2017

In the Grand Prix at the EC in Gothenburg/SWE Blind Date stayed clearly behind her abilities. [more]

Cappeln: Westphalian broodmare and foal show
Wednesday 23. August 2017

In wonderful summer weather our foals presented themselves the Westphalian Commission.[more]

Gothenburg/SWE: We are prepared!
Tuesday 22. August 2017

On Tuesday and Wednesday were will compete in the Grand Prix to fight for the team medals. [more]

Gothenburg/SWE: Team Austria fit to compete
Sunday 20. August 2017

The horses arrived well in Gotheburg/SWE and did their first training in the Ullevi-Stadium.[more]

Warendorf: National Championships preview
Sunday 20. August 2017

Our Vitalis-son Villeneuve qualified für the National Championships as well as two offspring of our stallions.[more]

Cappeln: Happy Birthday
Thursday 17. August 2017

Hans Max-Teurer celebrated his birthday at Stud Vorwerk in Cappeln. [more]

Cappeln: EC preparations
Thursday 17. August 2017

On the way to the EC in Gothenburg/SWE the Austrian team had a stopp at the Stud Vorwerk in Cappeln.[more]

Steyr/AUT: Albertina MT top
Saturday 12. August 2017

Victoria Max-Theurer/AUT and Albertina MT's very successful debut.[more]

Steyr/AUT: Double victory for Benaglio
Saturday 12. August 2017

The Breitling W-son was again unbeatable under Victoria Max-Theurer/AUT.[more]

Froehnerhof: Fackel GV wins, Brunello second
Friday 11. August 2017

Two youngsters from our breed ranked top at the show Froehnerhof in Rhineland- Palatinate. [more]

Steyr/AUT: Albertina MT victorious
Friday 11. August 2017

And another successful debut - for Albertina MT and Victoria Max-Theurer/AUT.[more]

Steyr/AUT: Benaglio with Victoria Max-Theurer
Friday 11. August 2017

Scoring 74.05 percent Benaglio and Victoria Max-Theurer/AUT were unbeatable in the juniors team competition Steyr/AUT.[more]

Hude: Duração wins
Friday 11. August 2017

Our Dimaggio-son won a riding horse test under Yvonne Henke.[more]

Ermelo/NED: Roi du Soleil-son in the final
Tuesday 08. August 2017

The bay stallion Auheim's Roi de Coeur comes from the first year of our premium stallion Roi du Soleil.[more]

Ermelo/NED: Auheim's Roi de Coeur successful
Thursday 03. August 2017

A son of Roi du Soleil ranks in front at the WC of young dressage horses.[more]

Muenster-Handorf: Bvlgari-daughter Westphalian Champion
Saturday 29. July 2017

Brianna, the daughter of our Bvlgari, became outstanding Westphalian Champion of the six-year-old dressage horses in Muenster-Handorf.[more]

Gothenburg/SWE: Victoria Max-Theurer/AUT in EC-team
Monday 24. July 2017

Victoria Max-Theurer/AUT will compete for Austria at the European Championships. [more]

Cappeln: Dubrovnik NRW wins
Sunday 16. July 2017

Wolfgang Himsl/AUT and Dubrovnik NRW saved themselves the victory in the final of the small tour. [more]

Cappeln: Superior double-win for Victoria Max-Theurer
Sunday 16. July 2017

Superior double win for Victoria Max-Theurer at Dressage Cappeln International.[more]

Cappeln: Suppenkasper wins his freestyle-debut
Sunday 16. July 2017

Germany and Luxembourg both rank at the same position in the medal table with two victories. [more]

Cappeln: Roberto Carlos MT second
Saturday 15. July 2017

In the final of seven-year-old dressage horses Stefan Lehfellner/AUT and Roberto Carlos MT ranked second.[more]

Austrian success at Dressur Cappeln International
Saturday 15. July 2017

Best mood is among the Austrian team, since the first, second, fourth, fifth and eighth place of the two main competitions on the first day of Dressage Cappeln International went to the riders from the Alpine Republic.[more]

Cappeln: Blind Date wins Grand Prix
Friday 14. July 2017

Victoria Max-Theurer/AUT and Blind Date won the Grand Prix Special.[more]

Cappeln: Roberto Carlos MT wins
Friday 14. July 2017

The son of Rosandro clearly left his competitors behind in the youngster-tour.[more]

Cappeln: 74.10 percent for Albertina MT
Friday 14. July 2017

Stefan Lehfellner/AUT and Albertina MT were successful in the seven-year-old dressage horses class.[more]

Warendorf: Villeneuve replacement horse
Wednesday 12. July 2017

Our so of Vitales was appointed replacement horse for the WC of young dressage horses. [more]

CDI4* Dressage Cappeln International attracts numerous guests at Stud Vorwerk
Monday 10. July 2017

The fourth edition of Dressage Cappeln International awaits with top-class participants. [more]

Bad Wimsbach/AUT: Spektakulärer Neuzugang Lola
Friday 07. July 2017

Nach ihrem Auftritt beim Baden-Württemberger-Landeschampionat in Tübingen, bei dem die dreijährige Tochter des Lord Leopold Silber gewann, hat Lola nun die Reise nach Österreich angetreten.[more]

Muenster: Djakarta VMT with good BPT
Wednesday 05. July 2017

Djakarta VMT, bred by Victoria Max-Theurer/AUT, completed a good broodmare performance test in Muenster.[more]

Elmshorn: Caracciola MT nominated for the National Championships
Tuesday 04. July 2017

We received fantastic news from the Holstein Association, Caracciola MT is nominated for the National Championships of four-year-old stallions. [more]

Fritzens/AUT: Blind Date second
Sunday 02. July 2017

In the Grand Prix Special Victoria Max-Theurer/AUT and Blind Date were able to improve their performance again. [more]

Fritzens/AUT: Third rank for Blind Date
Friday 30. June 2017

Victoria Max-Theurer/AUT and Blind Date placed third in the Grand Prix in Fritzens/AUT.[more]

Erbes-Buedesheim: Dimitroff MT wins
Friday 30. June 2017

Laura Strobel and our Dimaggio-son won the riding-horse competition. [more]

Fritzens/AUT: Dubrovnik NRW third
Friday 30. June 2017

In the Prix St. Georges at the Schindlhof Wolfgang Himsl/AUT and Dubrovnik NRW were able to place third. [more]

Warendorf: Flying Dancer OLD approved
Thursday 22. June 2017

Also our Flying Dancer OLD was nominated for the second WC-examination. [more]

Warendorf: Villeneuve satisfies
Wednesday 21. June 2017

Villeneuve performed at his first examination for the World Championships of young dressage horses and was nominated for the second examination. [more]

Muenster: Excellent BPT for Emirates GV
Wednesday 14. June 2017

Our Escolar-daughter finished her broodmare performance test as reserve winner in dressage. [more]

Elmshorn: Caracciola MT fourth in State Championships
Wednesday 14. June 2017

Under Yvonne Henke Caracciola MT placed fourth in the Holstein State Championships of four-year-old dressage horses, which was also a qualification for the National Championships. [more]

Achleiten/AUT: Second win for Dubrovnik NRW
Sunday 11. June 2017

Under Wolfgang Himsl/AUT Dubrovnik NRW was able to celebrate his double-victory.[more]

Achleiten/AUT: Bvlgari unbeatable
Sunday 11. June 2017

The final of the junior-tour was clearly won by Bvlgari and Victoria Wurzinger/AUT.[more]

Achleiten/AUT: Win for Roberto Carlos MT
Sunday 11. June 2017

Our Rosandro-son saved himself the victory in the final of seven-year-old dressage horses, Albertina placed third. [more]

Achleiten/AUT: Bvlgari third
Saturday 10. June 2017

Victoria Wurzinger/AUT and our Belissimo M-son saved himself third rank in the international juniors test. [more]

Achleiten/AUT: Win for Dubrovnik NRW
Friday 09. June 2017

Wolfgang Himsl/AUT and Dubrovnik NRW clearly won the St. Georg test.[more]

Achleiten/AUT: Pathetique third
Sunday 09. July 2017

Our Quaterback-daughter placed third in the Prix St. Georges.[more]

Achleiten/AUT: Roberto Carlos MT ahead of Albertina MT
Friday 09. June 2017

Stefan Lehfellner and our two horses were the measure of all thing in the test of seven-year-old dressage youngsters.[more]

Mettingen: Caracciola MT second
Monday 05. June 2017

The South-German premium stallion placed second in the riding-horse test with excellent marks.[more]

Achleiten/AUT: European Championships test runs in Achleiten
Friday 02. June 2017

From 8 to 11 June 2017, the strong international four-star dressage tournament will take place at Achleiten Castle for the 18th time already. This time, the arena of the castle garden is the location for the test run for the European Championships and for the young Austrians, it is the sighting for the U25 European Championships, taking place on Austrian soil, in Lamprechtshausen, at the end of August.[more]

Munich: Second rank for Blind Date
Friday 26. May 2017

In the Grand Prix Special of Pferd international Victoria Max-Theurer/AUT and Blind Date placed fourth.[more]

Munich: Blind Date fourth
Thursday 25. May 2017

Victoria Max-Theurer/AUT and Blind Date saved themselves fourth rank in the Grand Prix of the Show Pferd international.[more]

Steyr/AUT: Lord Leopold celebrates two victories
Monday 22. May 2017

Victoria Max-Theurer/AUT and her youngster Lord Leopold dominate both tests. [more]

Steyr/AUT: Two victories for Fackeltanz OLD
Monday 22. May 2017

Stefan Lehfellner/AUT and Fackeltanz OLD celebrated their successful three-star debut. [more]

Steyr/AUT: Della Cavalleria OLD wins
Monday 22. May 2017

Victoria Max-Theurer/AUT and Della Cavalleria won the Grand Prix in Steyr/AUT.[more]

Stey/AUT: Double-victory for Bvlgari
Monday 22. May 2017

Und this new rider Victoria Wurzinger our Bulgaria won both tests of the FEI juniors-tour in Steyr/AUT.[more]

Steyr/AUT: Santa Francesca VMT satisfied
Monday 22. May 2017

The San Francisco OLD-daughter satisfied in the dressage test for young horses. [more]

Steyr/AUT: Pathetique unbeatable
Monday 22. May 2017

Stefan Lehfellner/AUT and Pathetique were able to win three time at the show in Steyr/AUT.[more]

Monrepos: Flying Dancer OLD qualified for Warendorf
Saturday 20. May 2017

Flying Dancer OLD straight away qualified for the National Championships of five-year-old dressage horses in Ludwigsburg with his victory in the elementary level (L) dressage competition.[more]

Frankenthal: Villeneuve wins qualification
Friday 12. May 2017

Laura Strobel and Villeneuve are already qualified for the National Championships.[more]

Meppen: Third place for Balsamico
Friday 12. May 2017

Yvonne Henke and the son of Bulgaria placed third in the elementary level (L) dressage competition for youngsters. [more]

Wels/AUT: Double success for Bvlgari
Thursday 11. May 2017

Our Belissimo M-won two competitions in Wels.[more]

Wels/AUT: Victory for Santa Francesca VMT
Thursday 11. May 2017

Santa Francesca VMT and Stefan Lehfellner's excellent start in Wels.[more]

Cappeln: Sugar-sweet foal
Wednesday 10. May 2017

Stud Vorwerk has welcomed a new four-legged member, who is in no way inferior to his relatives. [more]

Achleiten/AUT: Invitation online
Tuesday 25. April 2017

The CDI4* invitation at castle Achleiten is online now.[more]

Dohren: Santa Francesca VMT second
Tuesday 18. April 2017

The San Francisco-daughter from Victoria Max-Theurer's/AUT breed placed second in a dressage horse test for youngsters. [more]

Dohren: Successes for Fackel GV and Barbaresco GV
Tuesday 18. April 2017

Under Yvonne Henke the two youngsters were able to place in a novice level (A) dressage tests for youngsters.[more]

Zeutern: Win for Chocolat
Monday 17. April 2017

Chocolat and Dorothee Schneider were unbeatable in the Intermediaire I.[more]

Zeutern: Chocolat second
Sunday 16. April 2017

Under Dorothee Schneider pour Rosandro-daughter placed second in the St. Georg Special.[more]

Happy easter!
Thursday 13. April 2017

The team of Stud Vorwerk wishes a happy easter 2017!

Stadl-Paura/AUT: Roberto Carlos MT third in the final
Sunday 09. April 2017

In the final of seven-year-old dressage horses Roberto Carlos MT ranked third.[more]

Stadl-Paura/AUT: Dubrovnik NRW fourth
Sunday 09. April 2017

Dubrovnik NRW again successful.[more]

Stadl-Paura/AUT: Roberto Carlos MT successful
Friday 07. April 2017

In the seven-year-old dressage horse class Roberto Carlos MT ranked second.[more]

Stadl Paura/AUT: Third rank for Dubrovnik NRW
Friday 07. April 2017

Wolfgang Himsl/AUT and our Dubrovnik NRW started with a good placing in Stadl Paura.[more]

Erbes-Buedesheim: Dimitroff MT second
Friday 07. April 2017

Our Hanoverian stallion was able to perform excellently and place second in the riding horse test.[more]

Munich-Riem: Villeneuve wins sport test
Sunday 12. March 2017

Laura Strobel and Villeneuve performed very well and so they won the sport test of the five-year-old licensed stallions. [more]

Munich-Riem: Dimitroff test winner
Sunday 12. March 2017

Our Dimaggo-son showed an excellent performance at his sport test in Munich, which he finally completed as winner.[more]

Munich-Riem: Duracao successful
Sunday 12. March 2017

Also our Dimaggio-son completed his sport test very well. [more]

Munich-Riem: Caracciola MT completed his sport test
Sunday 12. March 2017

Our son of Chin Champ successfully completed his sport test for licensed stallions. [more]

Stadl Paura/AUT: Stadl Dressage Classics in April
Friday 21. July 2017

Stadl Dressage Classics with Youngster Challenge promises top-level dressage sport from the 6th to the 9th of April.[more]

Stadl Paura/AUT: Romanze MT places second
Sunday 26. February 2017

Second place for Romanze MT and Nicole Gerstmayr in the medium level (M) dressage test in Stadl Paura/AUT.[more]

Stadl Paura/AUT: Second victory for Albertina MT
Sunday 26. February 2017

Albertina MT was the measure of all things in her second LP-test in Stadl Paura/AUT.[more]

Stadl Paura/AUT: Second victory for Pathetique
Sunday 26. February 2017

Pathetique won the advanced level (S) dressage test at CDN Stadl Paura/AUT.[more]

Stadl Paura/AUT: Albertina MT wins
Sunday 26. February 2017

Albertina MT win the LP-test at CDN Stadl Paura/AUT.[more]

Stadl Paura/AUT: Pathetique wins ahead of Lord Leopold
Wednesday 22. February 2017

Pathetique won the Intermediaire I in Stadl Paura/AUT.[more]

Ebreichsdorf/AUT: Valparaiso „very good“
Sunday 12. February 2017

Valparaiso completes the successful weekend in Ebereichsdorf with a score of 8.5 in the elementary level (L) dressage class for youngsters. [more]

Ebreichsdorf/AUT: Flying Dancer OLD wins
Sunday 12. February 2017

Stefan Lehfellner and Flying Dancer OLD celebrate a fantastic start at CDN Magna Racino.[more]

Ebreichsdorf/AUT: Double success for our Pferde
Sunday 12. February 2017

Double success for Roberto Carlos MT and Roi du Soleil at CDN Magna Racino.[more]

Ebreichsdorf/AUT: Victory for Donna Caribica
Sunday 12. February 2017

Their first show performance of Victoria Max-Theurer and Donna Caribic ended in a victory. [more]

Cappeln: Premium stallion for Stud Vorwerk
Monday 30. January 2017

The son of Tonresch was awarded premium stallion in Munich and will now move to his new stable at Stud Vorwerk. [more]

Cappeln: Neuzugang von Zack
Monday 30. January 2017

Ein ungemein typvoller und bewegungsstarker Junghengst von Zack ist unser Neuzugang der Süddeutschen Hengsttage 2017.[more]

Cappeln: Zarathustra moved into his new stable
Friday 06. January 2017

Our newcomer from the Westphalian licensing arrived well at Stud Vorwerk. [more]

Cappeln: Viva Austria opens foal season
Thursday 05. January 2017

A filly by Vincent Maranello was born at Stud Vorwerk.[more]

Happy new Year!
Saturday 31. December 2016

The team of Stud Vorwerk wishes a happy and successful new year 2017! einglückliches und erfolgreiches Jahr 2017!

Merry Christmas!
Saturday 24. December 2016

Stud Vorwerk wishes Merry Christmas 2016.[more]

Frankfurt: Benaglio fifth in Burg Pokal trophy-final
Saturday 17. December 2016

Kira Wulferding and Benaglio placed fifth in the final of Nuremberg Burg-Pokal trophy. [more]

Frankfurt: Chocolat very impressed
Thursday 15. December 2016

Unfortunately Chocolat was very impressed by the surroundings in the arena Frankfurt Festhalle.[more]

Frankfurt: Good start for Benaglio
Thursday 15. December 2016

In the opening competition of the final in the Nuremberg Burg-Pokal trophy, Benaglio showed a great round. [more]

Oldenburg: Benaglio wins
Thursday 24. November 2016

At the start of the Agravis-Cup Kira Wulferding and Bengali saved themselves the victory in the advanced level (S*) dressage test for youngsters.[more]

Muenster-Handorf: Villeneuve enthuses
Wednesday 23. November 2016

Our Villeneuve had an excellent performance at the Stallion championships within the Westphalian licensing.[more]

Ankum: Benaglio fifth
Thursday 10. November 2016

In the advanced level (S*) dressage test Kira Wulferding and Bengali placed fifth. [more]

Riesenbeck: Sakrileg placed
Tuesday 08. November 2016

In the advanced level (S*) show-jumping class our Stalypso-son and Eva Deimel wer able to place.[more]

Muenster-Handorf: Villeneuve invited to the Stallion Championships
Friday 04. November 2016

Within Westphalian licensing the best youngsters meet up. Our Villeneuve was also invited by the association. [more]

Unna: Sakrileg sixth
Wednesday 26. October 2016

Our Stalypso-son saved himself sixth place in the medium level (M*) youngster test under Eva Deimel.[more]

Stadl Paura/AUT: Fackeltanz OLD wins St. Georges
Monday 24. October 2016

The third day at CDN-B* in Stadl Paura ended with three red ribbons. [more]

Stadl-Paura/AUT: Roberto Carlos MT and Roseborough MT in front
Sunday 23. October 2016

The success for the equestrian center Achleiten perfectly made Roberto Carlos MT and Roseborough MT with two more victories.[more]

Stadl-Paura/AUT: Second victory for Brunetti MT
Friday 21. July 2017

Our two youngsters did their best at the second day of the show, too. [more]

Stadl-Paura/AUT: Double victory Valparaiso
Saturday 22. October 2016

Stefan Lehfellner and our Vitalis-son were unbeatable in Stadl-Paura.[more]

Stadl Paura/AUT: Double success for Brunetti MT and Balsamico MT
Saturday 22. October 2016

The half-brothers Brunetti MT and Balsamico MT both fought for the victory in the novice level (A) dressage class for youngsters in Stadl Paura.[more]

Framersheim: Forward Looking becomes mother
Wednesday 05. October 2016

The 15-year-old brown Westphalian mare is in foal by the current bronze winner of the National Championships: Villeneuve.[more]

Ankum: Good placing for Alhambra and Adele
Wednesday 28. September 2016

Our two August der Starke-daughters placed second and fourth in the elementary level (L) dressage test for youngsters. [more]

Ankum: Santa Francesca VMT third
Wednesday 28. September 2016

the four-year-old San Francisco-daughter placed under Yvonne Henke in the novice level (A) dressage class. [more]

Donaueschingen: Chocolat qualified for Burg-Pokal trophy
Monday 18. September 2017

Our Rosandro-daughter got her ticket for the final of Nuremberg Burg-Pokal trophy with Dorothee Schneider. [more]

Donaueschingen: Chocolat wins
Friday 16. September 2016

Dorothee Schneider and Chocolat won the opening competition of the qualification for the Nuremberg Burg-Pokal trophy. [more]

Warendorf: Bronze for Villeneuve
Saturday 03. September 2016

Our Vitalis-son won the bronze medal in the National Championship final of four-year-old stallions.[more]

Warendorf: Villeneuve second
Thursday 01. September 2016

Our Vitalis-son saved himself second rank in opening competition of the National Championship for four-year-old stallions. [more]

Holdorf: San Vittorio VMT third
Friday 26. August 2016

The San Francisco-son from Victoria Max-Teurer's breed placed third in the riding-horse test. [more]

Cappeln: Broodmare show at Stud Vorwerk
Thursday 25. August 2016

Within the Westphalian stud book's broodmare show at Stud Vorwerk our mares were registered. [more]

Cappeln: I am on duty...
Thursday 25. August 2016

... when I am old. Swissydog Ricci (short for Ricola) moved to Stud Vorwerk.[more]

Altenberge: Alhambra placed
Monday 22. August 2016

The August der Starke-daughter placed sixth in the elementary level (L) dressage test for youngsters. [more]

Altenberge: Santa Francesca VMT in front
Monday 22. August 2016

Yvonne Henke and Santa Francesca VMT were unbeatable in the novice level (A) dressage test for youngsters. [more]

Wickrath: Villeneuve nominated for the National Championships
Wednesday 09. August 2017

Our SPT-winner was nominated for the National Championships by the Rhenish Stud Book. [more]

Verden: Benaglio qualified for Burg-Pokal Trophy-final
Sunday 07. August 2016

With the victory in the Burg Pokal Trophy-qualification in Verden Benaglio safed himself the ticket for the final in Frankfurt.[more]

Verden: Benaglio wins
Friday 05. August 2016

Victory Nummer six in a row for Benaglio.[more]

Biblis: Villeneuve wins again
Wednesday 27. July 2016

After his victory in the riding horse test in Erbes-Buedesheim Villeneuve won in Biblis, too. [more]

Rastede: Benaglio wins
Sunday 24. July 2016

Benaglio continues his winning streak at the Oldenburg State Show in Rastede.[more]

Rastede: Florion-son Fabeltraum fourth
Sunday 24. July 2016

Fabeltraum coming from our Florion took fourth place in the Oldenburger State Championships of six-year-old dressage horses.[more]

Cappeln: Victoria Max-Theurer unbeatable in Special
Sunday 10. July 2016

The third edition of Dressage Cappeln International closed with Victoria Max-Theurer’s victory in the Grand Prix Special, Sieverding Heating and Sanitary Technology Ltd. prize. [more]

Muenster-Roxel: Sakrileg top
Sunday 10. July 2016

Also in the second big jumping at the show in Roxel Sakrileg could place himself.[more]

Muenster-Roxel: Sakrileg wins
Sunday 10. July 2016

The nine-year-old Westphalian stallion appeared in excellent shape. [more]

Cappeln: Double Win
Saturday 09. July 2016

Victoria Max-Theurer and Lord Leopold celebrated their first road-win.[more]

Cappeln: Four Austrian victories to start with
Friday 08. July 2016

The first day of Cappeln Dressage International was manly dominated by the Austrian: So Astrid Neumayer and Victoria Max-Theurer won the two Grand Prix-competitions and Stefan Lehfellner was unbeatable in the international young horses classes. [more]

Dressur Cappeln International geht in die dritte Runde
Tuesday 05. July 2016

Vom Grand Prix bis zu international ausgeschriebenen Aufgaben für Nachwuchspferde reicht das Prüfungsspektrum bei der dritten Ausgabe von Dressur Cappeln International vom 8. bis 10. Juli auf Gestüt Vorwerk im niedersächsischen Cappeln.[more]

Werlte: Good placings for Aura and Rosenrot GV
Saturday 02. July 2016

Our two mares were able to safe themselves good placings in dressage tests for youngsters under Yvonne Henke.[more]

Werlte: Santa Francesca VMT fourth
Saturday 02. July 2016

Under Yvonne Henke the San Francisco-daughter placed fourth in the riding-horse test. [more]

Erbes-Buedesheim: Villeneuve wins
Thursday 30. June 2016

Our four-year-old Vitalis-son and SPT-winner was able to win his first riding-horses test. [more]

Cloppenburg: Benaglio's hat-trick
Sunday 26. June 2016

Kira Wulferding and Benaglio topped off the show weekend with a victory in the Intermediaire I.[more]

Cloppenburg: Second victory for Benaglio
Saturday 25. June 2016

Also in the second test of the big tour Kira Wulferding and Bengalio were still unbeatable.[more]

Heroldsberg: Brunello di Montalcino qualified
Saturday 25. June 2016

With a great performance, our chestnut stallion qualified for the National Championships in Warendorf.[more]

Cloppenburg: Benaglio in front
Friday 24. June 2016

At the show "Cloppenburger Reitertagen" Kira Wulferding and Benaglio won the first test of the big tour. [more]

Heroldsberg: Brunello di Montalcino wins
Friday 24. June 2016

Laura Strobel and our Belissimo M-son clearly won a dressage test for youngsters. [more]

Werder: Second rank for Benaglio
Monday 19. June 2017

Kira Wulferding and Benaglio placed second in the qualifier of the Nuremberg Burg-Pokal Trophy. [more]

Werder: Benaglio second
Saturday 18. June 2016

In the opening competition of the qualifier for the Nuremberg Burg Pokal Trophy, our Breitling W-son placed second.[more]

Achleiten/AUT: Blind Date wins
Sunday 05. June 2016

With a great performance Victoria Max-Theurer/AUT and Blind Date clearly won the Special.[more]

Achleiten/AUT: Donna Caribica second
Sunday 05. June 2016

Wibke Bruns and Donna Caribica just missed the victory in the Intermediaire I today.[more]

Achleiten/AUT: Biedermeier placed
Saturday 04. June 2016

Also our Bellissimo M-son and Wibke Bruns placed well in the Grand Prix freestyle test.[more]

Achleiten/AUT: Della Cavalleria OLD wins freestyle test
Saturday 04. June 2016

After she had already won the Grand Prix, our Diamond Hit-daughter was also victorious in the freestyle test. [more]

Balve: Benaglio third in qualifying
Saturday 04. June 2016

Kira Wulferding and Benaglio saved themselves an outstanding third place in the qualifying for the "Nürnberger Burg Pokal"-throphy. [more]

Achleiten: Successful debut
Saturday 04. June 2016

Lord Leopold and Victoria Max-Theurer brilliantly completed their first performance together.[more]

Achleiten/AUT: Donna Caribica wins
Saturday 04. June 2016

Wibke Bruns and Donna Caribica won the Prix St. Georges with a dream round.[more]

Balve: Benaglio fifth
Friday 03. June 2016

Among strong competitors, Kira Wulferding and Benaglio took fifth place in the opening competition of the qualifier for the Nuremberg Burg Pokal Trophy. [more]

Achleiten/AUT: Blind Date second
Friday 03. June 2016

In the Grand Prix of the Special Tour, Victoria Max-Theurer and Blind Date were just beaten. [more]

Achleiten/AUT: Della Cavalleria OLD wins
Friday 03. June 2016

Victoria Max-Theurer and the Oldenburg mare could not be beaten in the Grand Prix of the freestyle-tour.[more]

Achleiten: Biedermeier fourth
Friday 03. June 2016

Under Wibke Bruns the son of Belissimo M placed fourth in the Grand Prix.[more]

Achleiten/AUT: Roberto Carlos MT wins, Albertina MT second
Friday 03. June 2016

Our two self-bred horses dominated the tour of six-year-old dressage horses.[more]

Achleiten/AUT: Lilliano OLD ahead of Valparaiso
Friday 03. June 2016

As already in the warm-up competition, Lilliano OLD won the test of five-year-old dressage horses, Valparaiso finished second.[more]

Achleiten/AUT: Second rank for Albertina MT
Thursday 02. June 2016

Our self-bred Rosandro-daughter Albertina was successful under Stefan Lehfellner, too. [more]

Achleiten/AUT: Roberto Carlos MT outstanding
Thursday 02. June 2016

In the classification of six-year-old dressage horses our Rosandro-son was unbeatable.[more]

Achleiten/AUT: Valparaiso second
Thursday 02. June 2016

Wibke Bruns and the Westphalian son of Vitalis satisfied all along the line.[more]