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Muenster-H.: Welcome Borghese MT at the Vorwerk Stud!
Wednesday 28. November 2018
He inspired us from the very first step - and will now move to his new stable at out Stud in Cappeln as celebrated first reserve-winner of the Westphalian licensing.

Borghese MT is a real genius: walk, trot, canter - all in the optimum. His hind legs are always working with much force under the body center - and converting the impulse across the swinging back into a forward-upwards. Work on the lunge - a dream. This is the way it should be and no other !!! And Borghese MT seems to always have a smile on his face. One can only congratulate the breeder August Exeler on this piece of jewelery from the second breeding year of the National Champion and two-time World Championship finalist Baccardi (dam by Laureus-Ferragamo), which was excellently staged by Pascal Kandziora. We are very much looking forward to the further development of Borghese MT, who is now allowed to recover from the licensing stress and whom we will then brake in very carefully next spring.

Photos: Wegener