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Cappeln: Caracciola MT wins
Saturday 11. August 2018
With top ratings, Caracciola MT celebrates a victory in his first international competition.

In the qualifying test for the five-year-olds at Dressur Cappeln International, our Holstein gray stallion by Chin Champ and his rider Melanie Tewes received an 8.7 for the canter, an 8.5 for the walk and the perspective and an 8.3 for the rideability. With a total of 8.34 he was still ahead of his stable neighbor Duracao, who was ridden by Yvonne Henke to a total result of 8.10. The chestnut stallion by DiMaggio was rated 8.50 for the trot and the perspective and he got an 8.2 for the canter. 

Caracciola MT/Melanie Tewes. Photos: Rzepa

Duracao/Yvonne Henke